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Children’s Classes

Classes begin at 9:30 a.m. and close at 10:45 a.m. To ensure safety and reverence, children in the Beginner, Kindergarten, and Primary classes must have a parent/guardian pick them up at the end of classes.

Beginners – Birth through 3: This exciting program for our younger children helps them learn about Jesus through the use of songs, stories, and energy-filled activities. Hands-on learning centers are provided to encourage the children to enjoy a “time of sharing” at the beginning and closing of class.

Kindergarten – Ages 4 through 6: This class teaches the children about Jesus through Bible stories, songs, and creative activities. They also invite a surprise guest to the children’s “Get-to-Know-You” tea party on occasion. The children are encouraged to pray for the guest throughout the following week.

Primary – Ages 7 through 9: The Primary leaders work with this age group to make learning about Jesus an exciting adventure. Bible searches, storytelling, singing, and craft activities are just some of the things the children take part in as they learn about Jesus and His great love for them.

Juniors – Ages 10 through 12: This group of pre-teens learn to know Jesus through song and interesting lessons. With a dynamic teacher and a focus on learning and fun, this class is a popular destination.

Teen – Ages 13 through 15: This group starts their program off by praising God through song with help of various church musicians. Class discussions, lesson study, and Bible word games, are just a few of the ways God’s message is shared with this group.

Youth – Ages 16 and 18: This program starts with a youth-centered song service and provides interesting and fun lesson studies and discussions. This group also participates in activities outside of church including white water rafting, skiing, camping and much more.